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What Qualifications Are Needed For Street Lamp Construction
Mar 08, 2018

The full name of street lamp installation is called: City and Road lighting professional contract qualification, this qualification is divided into one, two, three, the first application of the enterprise can only start from the lowest level. Requirements:

1, Enterprise registered capital of more than 2 million yuan; 2, the Enterprise has the title of the engineering Technology and economic management personnel not less than 8; 3, enterprises with more than two construction division not less than 1 people; 4, the Enterprise has the corresponding engineering equipment and testing equipment; 5, this kind of qualification needs construction and state power Network industry Management Office dual approval of non-state capital investment projects on the independent bidding decision, allow the independent choice whether to bid, reduce market barriers.

1, in the construction market forwarders business, is required to have qualifications, otherwise it is not able to undertake business, so you should obtain the city and road lighting qualifications.

2, mechanical and electrical installation to undertake general industrial and public, civil construction projects equipment, lines, piping installation, non-standard steel components of the production, installation.