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What Is The Relationship Between LED Street Light Color And Lighting Quality?
Apr 13, 2018

LED street lighting is becoming more and more popular in street lighting construction, so the quality of LED street lighting has become an important index to evaluate the quality of road lighting. In the process of led street lighting, only the light color problem of led street lamps can be solved effectively to realize the lighting quality of led street lamps in road lighting construction.

Before, many agencies in pursuit of luminous efficiency when choosing to install the led street lamp, mostly choose the relatively high light efficiency and color temperature above 6000 k slants cold white or blue light, caused not only the fog had no strong penetrability, and the lighting of the road is empty, lonely, color distortion.

In fact, LED luminescence is a phosphor which is activated by blue light to stimulate different components. It only needs to change the formula of phosphor, so it can produce different color temperature from warm white 3000K to cold white 6000K. For the lighting of 20-50lux on the road surface, the yellow color temperature makes people feel comfortable. For the illumination of main road, in order to give consideration to the effect of penetration and lighting, the color temperature of around 4000K is recommended. Now, the color temperature of led street lamp is generally 4000K, and the efficiency of the whole lamp can reach 120lm/W.

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