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What Is The Difference Between LED Flood Light And Flood Light
May 26, 2018

What is the difference between LED flood light and flood light

1. The difference between spotlights and floodlights lies in the projection angle of light. However, the reason that many people confuse now is that there is no standard to distinguish. The light beam of a floodlight is more uniform, that is, the light source is more concentrated in the construction. Objects or landscape objects, but now he can also be made into astigmatism, followed by floodlights his range of lighting is relatively large.

2, can be arbitrarily adjusted, said here, in fact, floodlights are a category within the cast light, where you estimate that you already have a relatively clear understanding! In terms of quality, there is no unified standard. Basically, LED floodlights are made based on rough shape parameters or appearance adjustments, allowing him to choose more heat dissipation problems, and to rationalize the heat dissipation structure of LED optics. The characteristics lead to glare problems, need to have a well-lighted lampshade, so that it must currently use more matte processing or add some materials, with the development of these years, the improvement of light transmission performance has been improved. SMD LEDs are mostly low voltage driven and use aluminum substrates for heat dissipation. The LED floodlights used today are not specifically designed for lighting, and some are used to make very good projection effects.

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