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What Are The Characteristics Of The LED Street Lamp Itself?
Oct 31, 2018

What are the characteristics of the LED street lamp itself?

As a new type of semiconductor lighting equipment, LED street light heads have more powerful advantages in terms of light source stability, protection level and convenience, and it is with these powerful advantages that they can get more consumers. Trust, then, what are the outstanding features of the LED street lamp itself? Next, let Luna Lighting answer for you!

1, the light source stability is good

       The easy-to-use lamp head has high light source stability. The lamp is made of imported light source chip, and the surface is made of high-quality tempered glass material with excellent explosion-proof and waterproof performance. Therefore, it can better protect the lamp and make it long. The lighting of the time can also maintain a stable and long-lasting illuminating state, thereby providing people with a brighter light source.

2, energy saving and environmental protection

       The industry-leading street lamp head has a greater advantage in energy saving and environmental protection. Because the LED lamp adopts green lighting technology, it will automatically reduce the brightness and shorten the lighting time during the night. Secondly, the lamp is in infrared and ultraviolet. The radiation of the aspect will be much smaller than that of the traditional product, and it will not cause any pollution to the external environment during production and use. Therefore, this is also an excellent energy-saving and environmental protection feature of the LED street lamp head.

3, low prices and low maintenance costs

       The high-quality and durable LED street lamp head has strong self-cleaning ability. Because it is made of special anti-static material, its surface will not adhere to excessive dust or moisture, which can also reduce the user's regular cleaning. In addition, compared with traditional lighting equipment, the LED street lamp head will have an advantage in price, because the material procurement and production cost of the product will be much lower than the traditional lamps, so it can also provide consumers with more Low product prices.

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