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What Are The Characteristics Of LED Street Lamps By Street Lamp Manufacturers?
May 08, 2018

What are the characteristics of LED street lamps by street lamp manufacturers?

1. The characteristics of LED street lamps themselves -- single directivity of light, no diffusing of light, guaranteed illumination power;

2. With a secondary optical plan, the light of the LED street lamp is exposed to the required lighting area, and the light power is further advanced to reach the purpose of energy conservation.

3. The power of the light source is now 100lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development. The theoretical value is 250lm/W. However, the luminous power of the high pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall light efficiency LED street lamp is stronger than the high pressure sodium lamp.

4, street lamp manufacturers of light color rendering a much higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp color rendering index only 23, arrived in 75 and LED street light color rendering index above, think in terms of visual thought, arrived in equivalent brightness, LED street light illumination uniformity can be reduced by more than 20% than the high-pressure sodium lamp;

5, light failure is small, light failure is less than 3% a year, use still arrived in using the illumination in your way beg for 10 years, and high pressure sodium light failure, control has been reduced by more than 30% a year, therefore, the LED street light on plans for the use of power can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp;

6. Have active control of energy-saving equipment, and can be satisfied with different times of lighting appeal.

7, low voltage devices, drive voltage for the safety of the single star LED, LED series products single star power for 1 w, so it is a safer than using high voltage power supply power supply, especially suitable for public places.

8. Each unit of LED chip needs only a small volume, so it can be prepared into various shaped devices and suitable for changeable environment.

9. Longevity: can use over 50,000 hours, supply three years of quality assurance. The lack of it is that the power supply is not guaranteed.

11. The device is simple: no need to add buried cable, no rectifier, etc., direct the lamp holder on the lamp pole to connect the lamp, and the light source may be embedded in the original lamp shell.

12. Control over heat dissipation: summer temperature is controlled at 45 degrees, and forced cooling method is selected. Summer heat loss protection is lacking.

13. Reliable quality: high quality components are selected for the circuit power supply, and each LED has a separate flow protection without fear of damage.

14. Uniform light color: no lens, no previous brightness and dedication to uniform light color, and then ensure that no light circle is uniform.