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Total Production And Development Of Street Lamps
Mar 08, 2018
China's lamp stock in 28 million-30 million. In recent years, the number of new street lights 15%-20%, about 3 million-6 million. In accordance with the annual new street lamps to increase the number of streetlights all LED lamps, each 1000-2000 yuan calculation, the annual increase in 3 billion-6 billion yuan. LED streetlights use more than 6,000 hours of failure rate of less than 1%. Lighting accounts for about 19% of the world's electricity consumption, and if the global lighting system is more efficient than the current one, it can be said to be equivalent to half of Europe's electricity and heat. A global independent trial has been set up, LED street lamp can save 85% of the maximum energy. December 2011, China produced 250 million sets of lamps and lighting fixtures, an increase of 12.45 year-on-year. 2011 1-December, the national lighting and lighting equipment production reached 2.5 billion sets, an increase of 6.38 per cent. From the production of provinces and cities, 2011 1-December, Zhejiang Province lighting and lighting equipment production reached 1.07 billion sets, an increase of 9.13, accounting for the total production of 42.40, Guangdong Province lighting and lighting equipment output of 870 million sets, the year-on-year decline of 4.44, accounting for the national total production of 34.43. The 2011 China led market will grow from $4.7 billion in 2010 to $5.8 billion, rising 23%,led has become a popular product in China and an attractive investment area. In addition, the Government's support for the industry appears to be producing results. The 2012 China led market is expected to reach 6.9 billion U.S. dollars, to 2015 to 11.1 billion U.S. dollars, 2010-2015 composite annual growth rate of 17.7%. Our country's street lamp construction has made the rapid development, the road illumination quality unceasingly enhances, the high intensity gas discharge lamp is widely used, to improve our country investment environment, promotes the economical rapid development, the convenience populace life, the beautification city and as an outward-looking modernized city construction has played the very big role.