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The Use Of Led Highbay Lamps Instead Of Incandescent Lamps Can Save More Than 60% Of Electricity Costs
Jun 09, 2018

The use of led highbay lamps instead of incandescent lamps can save more than 60% of electricity costs

LED mining lamp has a wide range of applications, warehouses, factories, workshops and other lighting places. So how does the factory use LED highbay lamps instead of incandescent lamps?

 Accumulated micro LED mining lamp adopts well-known brand led light source, radiator adopts aviation aluminum, and has high quality assurance. Jeneng Star LED mining lamp has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. 10W LED high bay light can be compared with 80W incandescent lighting effect.


     Plants have production equipment, workers, and airtightness are relatively good. Of course, there are also hidden safety hazards. LED mining lamps have excellent explosion-proof performance and relatively low safety risks. One of the main purposes of the LED high bay light for factory buildings is also because of energy saving. Long-term operation, the consumption of electricity is relatively large, the use of LED mining lamp can save more than 60% of electricity, a year can save an objective electricity bill, greatly reducing the cost of the operation.


  Accumulated micro LED high bay light not only saves electricity, its service life is more than 50,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources, almost maintenance-free, eliminating the cost and trouble of replacing lamps. Although the price is a little higher than that of a common luminaire, the electricity cost saved can be changed back to the cost. The workshop LED lighting has a good lighting effect, LED mining lamp brightness is high, light decline, color is good, can illuminate every corner of the plant, make the visual sense of comfort and improve the efficiency of the workers.

     In addition, the factory-built LED mining lights are also in line with the concept of green environmental protection, do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, do not contain special chemical substances such as aluminum and workers in it, do not contain a lot of radiation, will not be used Those who cause physical harm and environmental pollution are really typical green lighting sources. In summary, the use of micro-LED mining lamps is a good choice

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