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The More Lights On The Floodlight, The Better?
Apr 13, 2018

Huzhou microelectronics technology co., LTD is a production, sales as one of professional LED floodlight, LED high-power floodlight, high power LED floodlight, high-power floodlight, integrated floodlight, LED mining lamp, LED lamp factory, workshop with LED mining lamp manufacturers, product has standardized production of lamps and lanterns, microelectronics in various aspects such as quality guarantee, price, after-sales service is very have an advantage, is a good high-power LED floodlight product manufacturers.

(I) integration: another LED projector lamp. Made up by a single COB integrated light source, light beam in no particular direction in all directions even illuminate, 30 w floodlight, for example, its beam diameter of 3.3 meters, the projection distance of about 6 meters.

(2)LED high-power projection light: it is a combination of multiple single 1W~3W imitation lamp beads as the light source, and it is also called LED spotlights, shooting lights and so on. It is an irradiating object that has a purpose in a particular direction from a specific point.

On the market has a variety of LED floodlight, the light source is different also, for the floodlight lamp bead number where the difference is that, we can conclude that floodlight lamp bead amount does not represent its power and efficiency. Different kinds of light sources have different lighting effects, so the function is different.