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The Misunderstanding Of The Manufacturer Of LED Omb
May 08, 2018

The misunderstanding of the manufacturer of LED floodlight.

Mall LED floodlight lamps and lanterns type heavy and complicated, such as anti-dazzle omni explosion-proof luminaire, etc., for customers to choose the position is very large, many consumers choose and buy method is not scientific, the following we unscramble the choose and buy the LED floodlight factory mistake.

1, select the floodlight price cheap, the same kind of lamps and lanterns, offer differ perhaps nearly doubled, average consumer appealed to offer cheap, and businesses will get out of the poor quality of lamps and lanterns, draw at a low price. This is not correct, low-cost products are generally low level, we use the LED floodlight is the purpose of environmental protection, long life, indicate the index of lamps and lanterns of origin and the brand is different, but it is the power of the floodlight drive and chips have very big different, the quality of the other lamp bead, directly affect the luminescence brightness of lamps and lanterns, and lower power quality LED floodlight is bigger, fever, unsafe elements is higher.

2, to decorate the effect Many consumers choose LED floodlight from appearance to and ignore quality, on the one hand, because all don't understand how to identify, foundation, we should look for products in the product packaging specifications and foundation certificate and other accessories, lamps and lanterns colorful appearance now, appearance together, the purchase of sales people don't trust the so-called delivery credentials without certificate, these lamps are generally from small workshops, safety and quality did not assure, best method is to choose the big brand, such as philips, etc.

3. High power.

Myth is the lighting effect is the power of lamps and lanterns, lighting effect of the original decision is the luminous flux of LED floodlight manufacturer, power, light is not natural, will demand guarantee the luminous flux, luminous flux, the size of the can in the instruction during the inspection, the quality of the lamp bead, luminous flux and power driver is different, big differences, choose time please note.