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The Heat Dissipation Skill Of The Factory Lamp Manufacturer
May 08, 2018

The heat dissipation skill of the factory lamp manufacturer.

Super radiator skills.

Internal capillary treatment;

The integration plan of conduction, convection and radiation, the end of the branch and the radiator, and the direct heat exchange of the critical high vacuum.

A combination of high-temperature and high-temperature superconducting adhesive sealing + aluminum welding seal;

The large heat capacity plan can be 1-30 times the heat capacity of the same volume pure aluminum radiator, and it is very useful to maintain the thermal overload safety of the heating equipment.

The high temperature resistant fiber capillary skill, in the critical high vacuum environment close to the speed of the speed of the agile heat exchange;

The surface of the radiator surface is very large than the surface treatment. The heat dissipation ratio is 10 times higher than the surface of the surface, and the high efficiency radiation and large convection area heat exchange.

Hot superconducting adhesive skill.

The use of graphene and graphene materials to end oversize surface adhesion skills;

A physical bond is formed between the heat transfer medium and the heat transfer medium.

The adhesion of bisphenol A epoxy modified matrix, strong endurance ability plan, and the adhesion of electronic components in production without the use of screws and other materials for reinforcement;

(4) nano SiO2 hydrophobic surface modification agent processing, makes the adhesive agile network structure to suppress colloid activity, consisting of assimilation rate speeds up, forward bonding effect, at the same time because the grain fine, more added glue tightness, ensure no bubble.

Purposes: the first use of heat superconducting adhesive selection of bonding between COB and integrated light source and heat sink, greatly reduces the thermal resistance, skills in a brief, compared to the traditional thermal conductive silicone, industrial and mining lamp manufacturers coefficient of thermal conductivity is commercially available silicone several times or more, short operation, do not need to use screw, material capital and human capital are control, has a compelling price advantage.