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The Continuous Development Of The LED Street Lighting Industry
Jul 28, 2018

The continuous development of the LED street lighting industry

With the continuous development of LED street lights, its development trend is also developing in a good direction. From the perspective of outdoor lighting, LED street lights currently replace the use of most ordinary street lights, and commercial lighting can also be achieved by using LED technology. From the industrial field, LED street lamps have largely solved some problems of traditional street lamps, such as heat dissipation, power, and light decay.

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The main features of LED light source are:

1, efficient energy saving, environmental protection: under the same lighting effect, LED lights save 90% energy than incandescent lamps, 70% energy saving than fluorescent lamps, of which LED street lights save more than 60% energy than high-pressure sodium lamps, combined with late night intelligent dimming energy saving The system has a comprehensive power saving rate of more than 70%. Because of the solid-state light source, there is no pollution to the environment.

2, long life, reduce the amount of replacement: LED street lamp product design life of 50,000 hours, up to 10 years.

3, good color rendering: LED lights and sunlight are very close, the scenery is brighter and clearer, increasing the city's beauty; uniform brightness distribution, soft light, no light pollution around, reduce driver's eye fatigue, reduce safety hazards.

Large-scale use of LED street lights will save a lot of power and energy consumption every year, effectively reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP, and help the government quickly achieve energy conservation and emission reduction targets.

Therefore, the use of energy-efficient LED street lamps to transform traditional high-pressure sodium lamps is a fact that benefits the country and the people, and benefits in the present.

LED street light outdoor lighting development should be driven by technological innovation, accelerate the development of LED lamps with independent intellectual property rights, actively participate in international technology games, and create an international voice in the LED lighting street lamp market. The honeycomb through-hole LED luminaire independently developed by Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the technical achievement appraisal of China Lighting Society and believes that the project has reached the domestic leading level.

In order to ensure the quality of LED street lamps, every street lamp produced by Haiguang Lighting has to undergo strict and long-term testing experiments before it can be put on the market. This has a strong demonstration role for the current LED market with uneven product quality.

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