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Talk About The Advantages Of LED Floodlights
May 11, 2018

Led floodlight, it is a kind of excellent heat dissipation function of special types of lamps and lanterns, it is often used by people in the industry, Led floodlight have very good lighting effect, high concentrated sex not only, but also very environmental protection, light, very pure, ensure the safety of the people.

1. Led floodlight is durable and durable. The LED floodlight is made of high quality aluminum to make the shell of the lamp. The performance of all aspects is stable, and its surface is treated with the finishing coat, and it will not change color for a long time.

2. Led floodlight has certain explosion-proof performance. Considering the particularity of lamps and lanterns use place, we in the production of led floodlight, adopted a special structure design, and use to make the lamps and lanterns of toughened glass chimney, and through the die casting process of production, led floodlight manufactured goods more stable performance, use rise very convenient, high safety coefficient.

3. Led floodlight has high luminous efficiency, good environmental performance and long service life.

4. Easy to use led floodlight. We have high efficiency of led floodlight and good environmental performance.