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Street Lamps Vary In Form
Mar 08, 2018

The form of street lamps is different, but the most common, that is, the most practical function is lighting. Therefore, the street lights are generally set on the street is white, the earlier style may be orange-yellow. This may be incandescent, incandescent lamp is the earlier light, which is a tungsten wire, electric current through the tungsten wire when the electricity into light energy and heat. But we use the lamp mainly is the light energy, the heat energy is one kind of loss. In the later invention of the LED lights to solve the problem, it is cold light. As the name suggests, cold light does not produce heat, the energy has been fully utilized, there is an advantage of light-emitting lamp is a larger intensity, brightness is more suitable for use.

In addition to the lighting function, there are decorative landscaping purposes, so there are a variety of shapes and colors of the street lights. Many are the shape of flowers, there are small animals, as well as other, are modelling chic, some elegant simplicity, and some lively and lovely