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Main Heat Dissipation Way Of LED High Power Street Lamp
Mar 08, 2018

We all know that led light and electricity conversion rate of 15% to 20%, the rest of the 80% are converted into heat energy, in its work phase will be a large number of thermal, LED modules assembled into led high-power street lamps, then they produce more heat, cooling system to be less efficient, will make the luminous wavelength of street lamp is stretched, phosphor effect, street lamp aging speed up, greatly shorten the life of LED street lamp.

Second, led high-power street lamp cooling mode

Generally speaking, LED street lamp heat dissipation through radiation, convection and heat conduction of these three ways, but the proportion of radiation cooling is too small, we focus on the study led high-power street light convection and conduction of these two forms, led street heat conduction is mainly affected by the radiator and shell, These two parts determine more than 80% of the heat dissipation pathway.

Third, led high-power street lamp heat dissipation structure

LED street lamp cooling, to heat dissipation of the main, so the design structure of the heat sink is particularly critical, the traditional LED street lamp heatsink is usually welded together with the LED module group, LED module group is glued to the copper pillar, the copper pillar links under the MCPCB, through such a connection structure, LED module group generated heat can be quickly lost to the air, to ensure the safety and stability of LED street lights operation.

The MCPCB that affects the heat dissipation efficiency

MCPCB design structure is the most important factor that affects the efficiency of LED light source, MCPCB we can think of as the radiator of LED street lamp, the researchers found that the heat dissipation effect of MCPCB is restricted by three design indexes, they are the interval distance of MCPCB fin respectively, The height of the fin and the thickness of the fin and the thickness of the bottom plate.

However, the cooling function of these conditions are subject to certain conditions, fin thickness and spacing the better, but the manufacturing costs to its constraints, the main function of the floor is conductive led high-power street lamp LED modular group of thermal energy, too thin or too thick effect are not good, Therefore, the selection of their best value portfolio becomes an important task of design.