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LED Street Lighting Standard Introduction
Apr 13, 2018

LED street lamp lighting products you need to follow the relevant street lighting standards, meet the relevant requirements, such as ground light range, intensity parameters and so on, the LED street lamp manufacturers tend to focus on the LED light source of photosynthetic efficiency, and customer focused on the specific environment of lighting quality. Light and light quality, this is the relationship between the environment there is a conversion factor. Therefore, it is necessary to do a lot of concrete research work to install street lighting products.

In most countries, the level of illumination of motor vehicles is generally lower than that of CIE, which means that the standard is less than 2cd/m2. In the Netherlands, the national lighting commission recommended 2cd/inz, but the national transportation department actually used even less than LCD /mz.

In terms of lighting requirements, the standard expressions of different countries are different. The standard of CIE directly gives the specific values of the total uniformity of brightness, longitudinal uniformity, glare control index G and the closed value of the dish TI. The new standard in the UK, which is similar to CIE in terms of the brightness part, only specifies the index of TI and does not specify the index of G in the glare control section. The Dutch standard, however, stipulates only G instead of TI. The standards of the United States, the Soviet union and other countries also have their own characteristics. But in some countries, such as the federal republic of Germany and Australia and CIE standard in 1965, its glare restriction indicator is maximum Angle of light intensity at the top of the light intensity value, namely USES the sectional rules permit light, half light, the light one in three kinds of lamps and lanterns.

The environmental problems in LED street lighting have attracted less and more attention. Good LED street lamp lighting not falling to illuminate the road itself, the surrounding environment also should be given certain lighting. In 1977 CIE recommended standards already spoke ring address lighting problem and presents a concrete numerical value, but has not yet put it on the evaluation index, and the new standard in the UK has accepted an offer of CIF), clearly put forward the environmental evaluation tinto standard than (SR).

Although it is scientifically reasonable to establish lighting standards based on lighting standards rather than setting standards. But if the concrete road lighting design is made out, and obtained the final results of brightness values, then we can check by measuring the intensity of illumination, the design and is in line with the actual. If the illumination is consistent with the brightness, it should also be consistent. In addition, with the need of measuring luminance brightness meter, measuring are more time consuming to work, not in the short term, most pay can do it alone, so some countries, such as the United States in put forward a set of intensity data as the standard at the same time, also retained the intensity of illumination standard, the average intensity of illumination and have shown the conversion relationship between the average brightness.