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LED Floodlights Need To Pay Attention To Matters
May 16, 2018

Things that need to pay attention to lamps produced by floodlight manufacturers:

1, floodlight manufacturers Lamps should be strong and upright, refused to loose, tilt signs.

2. The lampshade should be complete and non-disruptive.

3, xenon lamp umbrella corrosion, deformation should be replaced.

4, floodlight manufacturers Lamp reflector mirror effect, should be replaced.

5.  The reflectors of the lamps and lanterns should not be destroyed or  deformed in the process of transportation. The lampshade should be  filled with aprons, the brush should be bright and bright, and the lamp  mouth should be replaced when the porcelain is split copper.

6,  lamps, light body can not be less than twists and turns, all  departments need to add a solid screw tight spring eyeliner tight,  refused to loosen.

7, cast iron lamp cracks, can not block the application, no rubber fails.

8, the lamp body's hoop should be properly pole, assembly should not be too long.

9,  the light body of the clear cover and mirror inspection should be  cleaned and wiped clean, the scene can not be cleaned should be  replaced.

10, bright cover buckle should be complete and easy to use, to avoid the use of reliable cover hook.

11, floodlight manufacturers Lamp dust blankets to be complete, missing to repair.

12,  the lamp and the lamp flange must be matched with cracks, creases,  screws to be completed, the length of the bolt should be able to  penetrate the lamp flange.