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LED Flood Light Structure
Jun 03, 2018

LED flood light structure
First,  the use of high-brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy  consumption, low heat, long life of 50000H, can be divided into  monochrome, colorful two kinds of color.
Second, the shell material is high pressure cast aluminum molding shell, 4mm tempered safety glass features:
1. There are two kinds of symmetric and asymmetric light distribution options, and the glare control is good.
2. Lamps and lanterns electrical integration, lightweight and beautiful shape, easy to install.
3, dust and waterproof IP65.
Third, voltage: 220V/110V/24V/12V
Fourth, LED light source: 1W, 3W high power LED
Fifth,  high-power LED projector light irradiation distance of 5-30 meters,  especially for the building, outdoor square landscape lighting, wall,  display brushing.
Six, color: red / yellow / blue / green / white / colorful discoloration and other effects. Through the organic combination of colorful light and water, it creates a sense of agility and brings you a dreamlike mood.
Seven, power: 6-54w different environments use different power lamps. The  latest LED floodlights have gradually increased power, including 50W  LED floodlights, 70W LED floodlights, 100W LED floodlights, 150W LED  floodlights, 200W LED floodlights, 250W LED floodlights, 350W LED flood light, 450W LED flood light. Provides great flexibility for customer application selection.