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LED Flood Light Application
Jun 03, 2018

1. Exterior lighting of buildings
Projecting  a certain area of a building is nothing more than the use of a  round-headed and square-shaped cast light fixture that controls the  angle of the beam, which is exactly the same as the concept of a  conventional flood light fixture. However,  due to the small and thin LED flood light source, the development of  linear projection lamps will undoubtedly become a major highlight of led  floodlights, because many buildings do not have a place to place  traditional floodlights. It  is easy to install, can be installed horizontally and vertically, and  is better integrated with the building's surface, creating a new  lighting vocabulary for lighting designers and expanding the creative  space. It will also have an impact on the lighting of modern buildings and historic buildings.
2. Landscape lighting
Since  LED floodlights do not have glass bulbs as light sources for  traditional lamps, they can integrate well with urban street furniture. Lights can be illuminated in urban leisure spaces such as paths, stairs, decks, waterfronts, and gardening. For flowers or low shrubs, you can use led as a light source for illumination. Led hidden cast light fixtures will be particularly favored. The fixed end can be designed as a plug-in type, which can be easily adjusted according to the height of the plant.
3, signs and indicative lighting
Spaces  that need to be space-limited and guided, such as separate display of  road pavements, local lighting of stairways, and indication lighting of  emergency exits, can use LED floodlights with appropriate surface  brightness, or self-illuminated buried lights or embedded in vertical  walls. Lighting  fixtures, such as ground guide lights in the auditorium auditorium or  lights on the side of the seats, and guide lights on the floors in  shopping malls. In  addition, led floodlights and neon lights, because it is low pressure,  there is no fragile glass, will not increase the cost due to bending in  the production, it is worth promoting the use of logo design.
4, indoor space display lighting
Regarding  the lighting quality, since the LED floodlight has no heat, ultraviolet  ray and infrared ray radiation, it will not cause damage to the  exhibits or goods. Compared with the traditional light sources, the  luminaire does not need additional filter device, the lighting system is  simple, the cost is low, and the installation is easy. . Its precise lighting can be used as a substitute for museum fiber optic lighting. The  commercial lighting metropolitan area uses colored LEDs. The interior  decorative white LEDs combined with the interior decoration provide  auxiliary lighting for the interior. The concealed light strips can use  LEDs, which is particularly advantageous for low spaces.
5, entertainment and stage lighting
Due  to the dynamics of LED floodlights, digital control of color,  brightness, and dimming, active saturated colors can create static and  dynamic lighting effects. From white light to any color in the full spectrum, the use of LEDs opens up new ideas in the lighting of such spaces. The  long life, high lumen maintenance (still maintains 90% of the light  after 10,000 hours), reduces maintenance costs and frequency of light  source replacement compared to 50 to 250 hours of life for metal halide  lamps. In  addition, the LED flood light overcomes the phenomenon of color shift  after the metal halide lamp is used for a period of time.
6, video screen
The  full-color LED floodlight display is the most compelling outdoor  large-scale display device in the world today. It adopts advanced  digital video processing technology and has an unparalleled large area  and ultra-high brightness. According  to different indoor and outdoor environments, various luminescent  pixels are used to achieve different brightness, color, and resolution  to meet various applications. It  can dynamically display graphic and animation information, using  multimedia technology, can play all kinds of multimedia files.