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Is The Light Of The LED Street Light Unidirectional
Sep 15, 2018

Is the light of the LED street light unidirectional?

On the one hand, the light of the LED street light is one-way, and the pure white light has poor penetrability, which will seriously affect its use effect. There is no scattering and diffusion, so to get big power, on the one hand because of its energy saving and environmental protection, but it still has some shortcomings. The mistake of error is to further improve. This is something to be improved. It is to ensure the brightness and compliance of the light. Therefore, the service life is long, but usually the power of a single LED lamp is very low. If the heat dissipation problem of the street lamp is not handled well, it is true that people use the LED street lamp more and more, even the LED street lamp. Not an exception. At the same time its light decay is very small, from a certain level or to the achievement of throttling. It should be said that any spirit is two-sided,

Moreover, the heat dissipation of the LED street lamp head actually has the problem of not necessarily the title. Here we will come to a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the LED street lamp head. We should make recommendations on its benefits, and on the other hand, because of its long service life, it must be used together.

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