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Introduction To LED Street Lamps
May 11, 2018

With the gradual promotion of LED road lighting, LED street lighting enterprises in our company have begun to pay more and more attention to standard application, lighting quality, visual comfort and other more personalized lighting demand factors. Our products are characterized by high technology content, low resource consumption and low environmental pollution.

At present, LED street lighting is the main battlefield of urban lighting development, compared with traditional street lamps such as high-pressure sodium lamps. Replacing traditional street lights with LED streetlights, more and more cities are experimenting with this. In LED lighting product design are sufficient to satisfy people's live, work, the basic function of the health and safety at the same time, also created more people and city, combining the communication between people, places, returned to the city residents to bring a sense of belonging and a sense of pride. LED street lamps gradually spread across the city's roads. At night, the roads are illuminated by LED street lamps, forming a beautiful landscape and now a new business card for city propaganda.