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How To Choose LED Floodlight?
May 11, 2018

ome customers need to use LED floodlight, but do not know how to choose the LED floodlight, the following is how to choose the LED floodlight to explain to you.

1, the brightness of LED floodlight is different, the price is different, the more LED lamp bead, the greater its brightness, certainly is, the higher the price, in order to guarantee the quality of LED floodlight, advised to choose a regular brand manufacturers, to buy the LED floodlight.

2. The anti-static ability is also needed to be considered. The LED with strong anti-static ability has a long service life, so the price is high, and the LED can be used for LED lighting, which is usually more than 700V.

3. LED with uniform wavelength, so the color is consistent. The natural price of this kind of LED floodlight is more expensive. If the color of LED floodlight is required, the price will be higher.

4, light Angle consideration, the LED light Angle is different, its lighting effect is different also, nature price is different also, generally special light Angle, the price is higher, whether or not you want to buy LED floodlight have such requirement, suggest it is better to consider the factors in the process of buying.

5. Looking at the wafer, the luminosity of the LED floodlight is the chip, the different chips, the price is very different. The chip has an important role in the LED floodlight, and the LED floodlight that you buy must use the big brand chip.

6, colloid is LED floodlight must be considered a factor in the process of choose and buy, because it is related to the service life of the floodlight, ordinary LED colloid for epoxy resin, and the high quality outdoor LED lighting should be uv and fire prevention, therefore leds with uv radiation and fire retardant added prices more expensive.

The above 6 points is how to choose the main points of LED floodlights. We recommend that you look before you buy the LED floodlight at a reasonable price.