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How Is The LED Street Light Cooled
Feb 13, 2019

How is the LED street light cooled?

We know that the basic ways of heat dissipation are: conduction, convection and radiation. Therefore, the measures we can do in the design of the luminaire are also limited. So how do the LED street lights that are common in our daily life dissipate heat?

LED street light

Now LED street lamp cooling technology, generally used is a heat-conducting plate method, is a 5mm thick copper plate, in fact, it is a uniform temperature plate, the heat source is evenly warmed off; there are also installed heat sink to dissipate heat, but the weight is too large. The weight is very important in the streetlight system, because the streetlight is 9 meters high, and if the danger is too heavy, it will increase, especially in the case of typhoons and earthquakes.

At present, the cooling methods of LED street lamps mainly include: natural convection heat dissipation, installation of forced cooling of the fan, heat pipe and heat dissipation of the loop heat pipe. The fan is forced to dissipate heat. The system is complicated and has low reliability. The cost of heat pipe and loop heat pipe is high. The street lamp has the advantages of outdoor nighttime use, the heat dissipation surface is located on the side, and the body shape is restricted, which is beneficial to the natural convection heat dissipation of the air. Therefore, the LED street lamp is recommended to select the natural convection heat dissipation method as much as possible.

Perhaps, in the future, LEDs will enter the streetlight field extensively, and the formation of modular heat dissipation will better solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED street lamps.

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