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China Is The LED Lighting Engineering Building Big Country
Mar 08, 2018

Our country is a big production country, the manufacturing industry is developed, the labor cost is relatively low, these two points characteristic impels our country to become the illumination LED lighting engineering construction country gradually.

At night, the flowers and bushes on both sides of the main street are colourful, full of romantic atmosphere, some body building more tension and characteristics, which are all derived from the landscape lighting tailored for them. In the process of lighting the urban area, the nightscape illumination scheme chooses different lamps and light sources according to different sections and different environments. Night Lighting project in the city to turn the image gorgeous, while the huge energy consumption also make the city unbearable. LED lighting is intended to illuminate the city, the starting point should be people-oriented, convenient people, we can pursue the United States, but should not be extravagant, not because of light to let the city and energy-saving gradually away, to light, but also to save energy.

With the global economic integration and the pace of industrial adjustment in developed countries, the production of LED lighting products began to shift to developing countries. The domestic lighting industry presents a fiery competition situation, in the fierce market competition, each enterprise only maintain a mind that does not forget the original intention, constantly improve themselves in the development process, learning new knowledge, the elimination of old methods, in order to keep pace with the times, in the most correct direction, so as to obtain better opportunities for development.