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LED Mini Flood Light

LED Mini Flood Light is a mini one of flood lights which enables building-based planar lighting to be implemented with high efficiency, and at the same time with maximum demands for quality of light, functionality, design and individual needs.
It is practical and useful that it is widely used to landscape lighting, stage cast light, bridge, building lighting, advertising license out, green landscape lighting; hotel, cultural facilities lighting special lamps; bars, discos and other entertainment mood lighting and other outdoor places for atmosphere decoration.
It adopts LEDs as lighting source that it is energy-saving with stable performance that it can contribute to reduce the electricity bill. And it is environmentally friendly that it is green that it contains no harmful elements and contains no pollutants, which is able to provide the clean, safe and healthy working environment.
Made of high-quality materials. it is of high strength and strong frame that it is resistant to water, dust and corrosion that it is durable with extended service life. And it is able to withstand the bad weather that it can keep normal work under the extreme weather.
It is manufactured by our own factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and supplier in China, our company is available to provide the customized and wholesale service. Please contact us for more details.
  • LED Motion Sensor Light

    LED Motion Sensor Light

    LED Motion Sensor Light has a sleek black aluminium shell and is a fantastic way to illuminate any area around your house, garage or work place, which is the perfect floodlight to add some security to your outdoor space.
    With the delicate workmanship, it is smooth that...
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  • Brightest LED Flood Lights

    Brightest LED Flood Lights

    The product is one of the brightest LED Flood Lights that it is able to produce highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than well-defined beams.
    Integrated and compact design,it is firm and strong enough to make sure the stable operation of the LED flood...
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  • Motion Sensor LED Floodlight

    Motion Sensor LED Floodlight

    The Motion Sensor LED Floodlight is a kind of lighting tools which can directly convert electricity into light.It is able to last for working 30,000 hours on average.
    With the scientific and ergonomic design, it is capable of keeping constant current output, with no...
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  • Outdoor LED Flood Lights

    Outdoor LED Flood Lights

    The Outdoor LED Flood Lights is able to provide maintenance-free illumination for outdoor use in residential and commercial applications such as retail, education, multi-unit housing and storage.
    Ideal for lighting building facades, parking areas, walkways, garages,...
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  • Security LED Flood Lights

    Security LED Flood Lights

    Abstract : . IP65 . SMD and with Driver inside . Slim Design . Design patent in Europe Description: 1. 30,000 hours average rated life. Unique ultra thin, Slim die-casting aluminum housing with optional PIR and remote control. 2. Built-in PIR function ensure IP65. High...Read More