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Why do you save electricity for street lighting?
Mar 08, 2018

Why do you save electricity for street lighting?

• Power grid operation rules support lighting Energy-saving: GB/t 12325-2008 allowable lighting distribution system voltage deviation of 220V nominal voltage-10% and +7%. In real life, with the changes in the peak Valley, lighting system voltage fluctuations, and sometimes lamp withstand voltage higher than 220V, or even exceed the national standard of the 235V limit. At this time the higher voltage into the heat, impairment lamp life, increase the unnecessary power consumption. Therefore, through the step-down regulator that saves energy, but also protects the lamp.

The photoelectric characteristics of lamps and lanterns provide space for energy saving: as shown in the picture, when the lamp over pressure 10%, life expectancy is halved, while under pressure 10%, life doubled, but the illuminance than the rated state only attenuation 7%, so moderately low pressure to lower than the rated voltage does not affect the lighting quality. In the lighting project, a large number of gas discharge lamps (HID) can only be rated when starting the operating voltage, the light after the appropriate reduction and stability of the voltage will be able to maintain normal illuminance.

• The aging characteristics of lamps and lanterns provide space for energy saving: gas discharge lamps generally use 0.8 to 1.6 maintenance coefficient, so that the brightness of the lamp than the design brightness, that is, the life of the end of brightness, high 20% to 40%. When the lamp reaches the end of life, its brightness is exactly the target design value. According to this feature, the use of moderate pressure regulator can ensure the normal brightness of lamps under the conditions of the realization of electricity-saving.

U-Body Lighting Engineering support lighting Energy-saving: The human eye contrast degree of sensitivity is not linear relationship, but logarithmic relationship, that is, light illumination increased by 10 times times, people can feel the brightness increased 1 time times, to reach the sharp limit, after entering the "visual blunt zone." Light intensity reduced by 10%, vision reduced by 1%, the human eye is difficult to detect. Therefore, the illumination energy saving can not affect the human body to perceive the illumination effect under the premise achieves.

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