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Why did industrial companies choose led mining lamps?
Jun 09, 2018

Why did industrial companies choose led mining lamps?

With the rapid development of the economy, a variety of industrial plants have sprung up. Because of the different spatial locations of these industrial plants, the lighting methods used in the workshops are quite different, but most of them are nowadays. No matter how the space is located in an industrial plant, one of the lighting methods that they use most often is the plant lighting of LED lights. What kind of advantages this kind of lighting has has made industrial companies so enjoyable.

First, most of LED mining lamps use high-powered lamp beads as the main light source, and they use imported semiconductor crystals. They have high thermal conductivity, small light decay, and no ghosting.

Secondly, this kind of lighting uses no contaminated materials such as lead and mercury, so it has the advantage of being green and environmentally friendly without any pollution.

Third, it uses a very unique heat dissipation design and combines it with the electrical box to effectively spread the heat, which in turn reduces the temperature inside the LED lamp. This effectively ensures the lamp's life.

Fourth, it also has a very good color rendering. For the color of any physical substance is very real, there are many colors to choose from, no matter what kind of environment can be met, which eliminates the past The lights brought depression to the staff, which increased people's effective work rate.

LED lighting fixtures are highly efficient and energy-saving. At present, many LED lightings, LED explosion-proof lamps, LED oil station lamps and other large LED lighting fixtures are used in factories and mines. They replace traditional metal halide lamps, halogen lamps, and iodine lamps. The best solution for tungsten lamp.

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