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What are the characteristics of LED floodlights?
Apr 21, 2018

What are the characteristics of LED floodlights?

What is an LED floodlight? It is mainly used for architectural decorative lighting purposes, as well as for commercial space lighting. The decorative components are heavier. The appearance is round and square, because the heat dissipation is generally considered. Therefore, there are some differences between its appearance and the traditional cast light.

LED floodlights are actually composed of led lamps. He has his own characteristics.

1, high-purity aluminum reflector, beam the most accurate, best reflection.

2. Symmetric narrow-angle, wide-angle and asymmetric light distribution systems.

3, behind the open bulb replacement, easy maintenance.

4, the lamps are attached with a scale board to adjust the irradiation angle.

The LED flood light is controlled by a built-in microchip and can be used without a controller in a small-scale engineering application, and can achieve dynamic effects such as gradation, jump, color flicker, random flicker, gradual change, etc., and can also be controlled by the DMX. Chasing, scanning and other effects. Its main application places are probably: mono-construction, lighting of external walls of historic buildings, light-exposed lighting inside the building, indoor partial lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical and cultural facilities, lighting, bars, dance halls, etc. Entertainment atmosphere lighting and so on.

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