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There are several ways to save electricity in lighting?
Mar 08, 2018

• Use high efficiency lamps: From Edison's invention of incandescent lamp, lighting technology has undergone three innovations, from the first generation of incandescent lamps (light bulbs), to the second generation of fluorescent lamps (fluorescent tubes), and then to the third generation of high-strength gas discharge lamps (HID, such as high-pressure sodium lamps, etc.), is currently to the fourth generation of LED Each innovation brings the illumination index to improve and the electricity efficiency enhances, therefore the replacement lamp can undoubtedly improve the electricity efficiency. However, the replacement of lamps in the early stage cost, large amount of work, coupled with many lighting systems have been used to hid lamps, and new light source LED currently has high cost, power, low color index, such as the problem, distance from the market mature there is a long distance. Therefore, for the use of efficient light source lighting systems, the replacement of lamps is not the preferred option, and for the use of high efficient lighting system, the replacement of light source, there is further use of step-down energy-saving space.

U transformation lamps: Through the high intensity gas discharge lamp (HID) The single lamp transformation, may reduce the ballast the power consumption, also can achieve the single lamp frequency conversion to reduce the flow, thus controls the lamp power consumption, achieves the energy saving goal. This kind of single lamp modification technology has the energy-saving effect, but because of the large amount of engineering changes, the comprehensive transformation cost is high, the operation and maintenance cost is high, therefore is not the ideal solution. In addition, there is a single lamp SCR phase shift control to achieve energy-saving purposes of the product, because it can not adapt to capacitor compensation, harmonics serious, has been banned from use.

U-loop system step-down voltage regulator: Through the control of moderate reduction of the lighting circuit voltage, can achieve the dual purpose of saving electric energy and lamp life, and the small circuit renovation project, simple project implementation, easy operation and maintenance, is a very high economic solution.

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