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LED lights in urban landscape architecture illumination
Mar 08, 2018

Urban construction, lighting, lighting, night lighting is particularly critical.

As one of the main construction contents of urban environmental engineering, the lighting of urban landscape architecture is a good interpretation of a city's modern atmosphere and strong local characteristics. With the rapid development of information and automation technology, light-emitting Diode technology, photoconductive technology, sensor technology, holographic technology, optical fiber technology and laser technology are constantly integrated into the development of lighting, especially the integration of these technologies in one of the application of LED lights, resulting in the city's lighting landscape constantly emitting a modern atmosphere, More and more appealing to stop and daydream, not only give people the enjoyment of the visual, while giving people physical and mental pleasure. But at the same time, we should also note that many cities in the night lighting because of the characteristics of the LED lights do not have a good understanding and mastery, resulting in the night lighting project planning and design, just as environmental protection and energy-saving products do a lot of publicity and promotion, the phenomenon of abuse, so that some of the city's night scene appears to be disorganized, No taste, to the city night view of the beauty of the negative impact, if it can not be resolved in a timely manner, will give China's led industry chain of the healthy development of a great impact.

1, LED lights in the city building lighting in the night lights of the problems

1.1 The lack of scientific design of LED lights

1.2led Lamp product variety lacks variety, the expression technique is monotonous

LED lighting as an important role in urban landscape lighting is favored, but behind the favor, many designers and construction personnel of its physical basis and working principle is not a profound understanding, resulting in the night lighting project planning and design for the application of LED lights is too blind, lack of scientific. Lighting does not mean "brighter" work in "light". Many areas of the use of large lighting LED lights, often to people with colorful, colorful visual effects, people overwhelmed, creating a sense of dizziness, to bring people a visual fatigue.

Nowadays, the development process of LED lights is still in a stage of continuing exploration, therefore, LED lamp products are too single, the common type is limited to contour lights, point light source, energy-saving lamps, geographical lights, of course, there are high technological content of the cast light, linear washing wall lamp, but because of its high cost is difficult to get a wide range of applications. In the way of expression, many places are similar to the use of Contour hook, point line combination, color change, horizontal vertical array, such as simple design lighting method, resulting in the city night view of the art greatly discounted.


The product quality of the lamp cannot be guaranteed well

Due to the wide range of LED light publicity, make people to its application in the night lighting in a beautiful vision, but in the actual use of the process appeared a lot of problems: Some products are not advertised in the long life, in the use of a period of time no longer shiny; some products have no good control over them. , some products in the use of color abnormalities, and so on. After checking it, it is found that there are a large number of LED lights in the quality of serious problems, which have led light itself material and production technology problems, there are driving circuit problems, there are control system problems. These problems have some influence on the application of LED lights in urban nightscape lighting.

1.4LED Lamp in construction, supervision, and maintenance problems

In the urban landscape lighting construction, those who use the LED lights of the night lighting scheme, is considered by many departments as High-tech applications to get through. LED lights in the entire construction process, due to the lack of effective supervision and maintenance mechanisms, will lead to the night project can not start the normal operation, which virtually led to the application of night lighting to give a serious blow, but also make people began to doubt its role in the night lighting.

2, the city night lighting in the correct use of LED lights suggestions

2.1 To carry out scientific and rational planning of LED lights in night lighting

In urban nightscape lighting, we should promote reasonable and moderate use of LED lighting, rather than the abuse of large atmosphere. If the building targeted local lighting embellishment and lighting highlights, color selection on the attention and atmosphere and emotional combination, the selection of light source as far as possible using small power lamps, so that the effect of comfortable and elegant, can better reflect the human atmosphere. Only in the premise of urban landscape planning, scientific and rational application of LED products, can better show the harmony of urban night lighting, and promote the city's night life full of vitality.

The reasonable choice of 2.2LED lamp illumination Way

City lighting is a variety of ways, LED is just one of them, in order to create a perfect urban landscape lighting effect, it is necessary to make a reasonable selection of its lighting mode. For some with commercial and entertainment-linked buildings, you can use LED lights in a large atmosphere, and make full use of the changes in color and pattern to create a fashionable and diverse atmosphere; for residential buildings, simply use led for simple and appropriate roof embellishment can be used to avoid the use of LED lights. Therefore, according to different styles of architecture to choose different lighting methods, to enrich the atmosphere of the city night will produce a more ideal and comfortable visual effects.

2.3 Increase the use of LED light construction, supervision and maintenance efforts

In the review of night lighting design, the relevant departments should strictly review the clearance, for those who can not reasonably scientific embodiment of LED design is not approved. In the implementation of the project, the purchase of LED lights strict quality, can not be one-sided to listen to the propaganda of the manufacturers to buy cheap, it is best to let the relevant professional and strong personnel to buy. In addition, the construction process in the implementation of strict regulatory mechanisms to avoid some of the construction staff opportunistic. After the completion of the construction, to the entire project in accordance with strict standards for acceptance. Do the above, will be led in the city night lighting in the use of the credibility of the maintenance role.

Modern city lighting has undergone a "light up" in the initial stage, is transitioning to the "beautiful" new stage. As a new type of light source with great development potential, LED has fully demonstrated its powerful advantages in the urban Nightscape lighting: Energy saving, environmental protection, safety, small volume, long life and rich color. Although there have been some problems in this process, but as long as we scientifically and rationally to the problem of the right remedy, from the source to stop their appearance, I believe that led in the city Nightscape lighting in the future will be more extensive.

I believe that the night lighting of our city will become more and more beautiful.

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