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LED lighting policy is improving continuously
Mar 08, 2018

The research and innovation of key technology is the decisive factor of the development of semiconductor lighting industry. The fiscal policy supports the research of the key technology of the semiconductor lighting industry in China, which helps to solve the problem of the dispersed and insufficient innovation ability of the enterprise, on the other hand, it also indicates the direction for the next development of the enterprise.

During the BRICS summit in Xiamen, Xiamen's night was splendid, with more than 1400 nightscape projects, including buildings, mountains, shore lines and parks, gradually lit up. The theme for "Golden Silk Road, multicolored Xiamen" City lights, to the Chinese and foreign guests left a deep impression. It is little known that these brightly-coloured lighting projects are used in semiconductor lighting.

As a new type of light source, semiconductor illumination has a strong competitive edge. "The industrial scale expands unceasingly, the market application domain unceasingly expands, from the illumination, the display gradually extends to the automobile, the medical service, the agriculture and so on." "A few days ago, the national Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other 13 departments issued by the" Semiconductor lighting Industry "Thirteen-Five" Development Planning "(hereinafter referred to as" planning "), not only on the development of China's semiconductor lighting is summarized, also proposed to 2020, the semiconductor industry output value reached 1 trillion From the semiconductor lighting power to the industrial power, the cultivation of more than 1 sales of tens of billions of enterprises and other targets.

Experts said that the "planning" embodies the energy-saving emission reduction, green development, scientific and technological powers of the State will. For the semiconductor lighting industry, which is now in the stage of "from Big to Strong", the plan is on its own. The financial policy has played a key role in promoting the industrial development by supporting the "research and production" in the semiconductor lighting industry.

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