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LED high bay light compared with traditional halogen high bay light
Jul 28, 2018

LED high bay light compared with traditional halogen high bay light

1. In the energy consumption of the factory, lighting energy consumption has a certain weight. For example, in a 40,000 square meter building, the lighting load is about 400 KW. Therefore, in the selection of factory lighting, how to achieve energy saving and environmental protection is an important issue for factory designers. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, the lighting fixture based on the new LED light source has the advantages of long life, fast response time and concentrated light and light. In recent years, it has been widely favored by consumers.

2. Chip selection: At present, the well-known brands of high-power LED light sources on the market are: CREE, OSRAM, NICHIA, and Lumileds (the earliest LED). In addition, Taiwanese manufacturers' crystals and Addison are also popular brands. In order to ensure the stability, cost performance and practicality of the product, we use Taiwan's well-known wafer chip as the light source.

3. Power selection: Compared with the characteristics of traditional industrial and mining lamps with 400W halogen lamps and new LED high-density lamps, there are obvious differences, as shown in the following table:

Lamp typeLight effect (lumen/watt)Color temperature (K)Color rendering index (Ra) isAverage life (H)
Halogen lamp17-33Lm/W3000/4500/560060-951500-2000
LED high bay light75-100Lm/WFull color temperature7030000-50000

Considering the halogen light decay and secondary light emission problems in actual use, the actual luminous efficiency is lower than 30 lm/W, and often cannot reach the nominal 70%. According to this, the power of the LED high bay light that we developed for the first time is set to about 150W. Once the lighting effect is in line with expectations, it is more than 60% energy saving than the traditional lamps.

4. LED mining lamp verification results: In order to ensure the quality of the lamps, we carried out the illuminance test before mass production and shipment.


5. Cost and Benefit Evaluation: As we all know, compared with high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps for factory lighting, the initial input cost of LED industrial and mining lamps is obviously higher than traditional lamps. However, due to the high luminous efficiency of the LED light source, coupled with the advantages of the LED light source, the LED light source has a strong directivity. The LED lamp is much more efficient than the traditional lamp, so its energy-saving features can be Obviously reflected. The table below shows an investment benefit analysis of our 120W LED high bay light and traditional 400W high pressure sodium lamp.

The above does not include the replacement cost of the halogen lamp. The life of the halogen lamp is 1500-2000 hours, that is, it needs to be replaced once a year.

6. After replacing the LED high bay light, the illumination can meet the requirements: 400W halogen lamp calculates 10000lm for the whole lamp at 25lm per watt; 150WLED industrial and mining lamp calculates 12000lm for the whole lamp at 80lm per watt. From the overall illumination, the brightness of the 150W LED high bay light is greater than the 400W halogen lamp. According to your company's horizontal spacing of 4 meters. . . The vertical spacing is 8 meters. According to the description of (4), the 150W LED high bay light can reach the illumination requirement of 200lm of the work surface (the illumination standard of different places).

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