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Four point lighting design core concept
Mar 08, 2018

Now outdoor lighting is not only to meet people's demand for high quality nightlife, and green ecology, science and technology are also more and more attention, the following four ideas are necessary.

1. "Green lighting" concept

"Green lighting" concept is that people in the field of lighting engineering to pursue sustainable development of the specific embodiment of the use of high light efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection of light sources and lighting equipment, the environment does not produce light pollution. Advanced countries in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the sustainable development of lighting environment, few of the domestic urban lighting in the construction of the common lighting overflow and scattering problems. Therefore, in view of architectural lighting design, we should choose the best projection angle and avoid the waste of light resources.

2. The concept of "integrity"

European country's urban construction and building design often with a solemn, elegant sense, matching color harmony, almost all the use of bright white or warm yellow lights, and occasionally a small amount of color light does not damage the overall layout of the lighting. And the European historical architecture preservation intact, the yellow light projection to ruins, adds a few historical vicissitudes of feeling.

3. "Indirect lighting" concept

"Indirect illumination" is an important technique in the field of modern lighting design, and it is a creative use of artificial lighting facilities based on the overall consideration of natural environment and architectural space. In Japan, some European cities, cultural relics preserved well, especially in Germany, Italy and other countries, church buildings occupy a high position, is an important manifestation of lighting design objects. In order to highlight the artistic atmosphere of ancient buildings, enhance the three-dimensional sense, while avoiding damage to the building wall, lighting equipment often hidden in the flowers, or embedded in the ground, do "see Light". In the setting, adjust the best projection angle to ensure the smooth and gentle light.

4. Create "Light environment" concept

Through the architectural lighting design of "Nequan outside" to create the architectural landscape of the night, but also advanced cities in developed countries in the lighting project is an important method. In Europe and the United States, some cities often give a quiet sense of tranquility, the lighting concept is the pursuit of a "mood" and "feeling", rather than simply pay attention to the type of lighting equipment and brightness of the strength, under the guidance of such a concept, the city is full of cultural atmosphere and historical aftertaste.

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