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Different outdoor LED lighting can be selected according to the characteristics of these requirements
Feb 09, 2019

The different environments of outdoor LED lighting have different demand characteristics. The manufacturers of outdoor LED lighting believe that different lighting products can be selected according to these demand characteristics

For example, the hotel lobby needs bright light, which can give guests a feeling of comfort, you can consider the use of decorative high-power LED tube lights.

The hotel guest rest area can use LED ceiling lamp, which can be used alone with constant current power supply, or under DMX dimming controller, realize PWM dimming, energy saving and emission reduction effect is obvious.

The hotel room corridor lighting is mainly guided and safe, can use floodlight LED tube lamp, but the power should not be too high, to achieve lighting effect. Most of the elevator ports have begun to use outdoor LED lighting for lighting. Western restaurants in hotels are often used for informal banquets. The overall atmosphere needs warmth and sentiment. We can consider using LED adjustable lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED MR16 lamp cup, LED AR111 lamp cup and so on. Dimming with different color temperatures can meet the different lighting requirements of restaurants.

In order to ensure the smooth holding of the conference room and improve the attention of the participants, the functional lighting generally does not use warm light source to ensure the overall illumination of the space. It can use outdoor LED lighting, LED ceiling lighting and LED PannEL Light, and can realize the dimming lighting at all stages through system control.

Rooms are the key areas of hotel lighting, and there are different lighting needs in different areas, so different types and power sources are needed. The main lighting of the guest room hall needs uniform and soft light, and LED ceiling lamp can be used. The desk needs concentrated illumination of light. The LED lamp above can be illuminated by 7W~10W power. The SMD light source of low power LED can produce very soft light, which is suitable for writing and reading in front. The bedside lamp can use LED wall lamp or projection type LED tube lamp. The light source uses the warm white light of LED, and increases the control system to achieve the effect of adjustable brightness. Waterproof LED flat lamp can be used for bathroom lighting, brightness can be used according to the size of space and different power, color temperature is suitable for white, in order to increase the lightness will feel.

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