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Color temperature selection of LED lighting
Mar 08, 2018

Spotlights illuminate the light can attract the attention of consumers, because it can gather light in the furniture on the surface of one place to form the visual focus of the store. Light can be illuminated in the wardrobe handle, bed screen in the middle, sofa pillow, wall hanging painting, flower art and other objects. In order to highlight the visual effects of accessories, you can appropriately strengthen the illumination and color of the lighting to strengthen the furniture products and jewelry form perception.

Under the action of lighting, the whole space forms the contrast of light and shade, thus highlighting the visual status of furniture products and ornaments in the environment. So in the lighting position, should pay attention to distinguish between the primary and secondary relationship of space atmosphere, lighting in the main atmosphere space position, to reflect the theme of the store, the rest of the landscape lighting relative weakening, like safflower and green leaves of the relationship. To deal with the primary and secondary relationship of lighting is to enrich the landscape level of stores, the performance of design ideas of important measures.

Light color temperature selection is also very important: different materials of the furniture has its own unique color, so the store lighting to choose the color temperature of the furniture. In the selection of lights, to choose the color of the furniture with similar colour temperature. The wrong use of the hall lighting color temperature, sometimes greatly reduce the beauty of the furniture. For example, red acid branch furniture in the use of high color temperature white light irradiation, will make the furniture color Dim, lose luster. Myanmar Rosewood Furniture using white light irradiation, color will change, is pale green, completely feel the furniture material itself beauty.

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