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Brief description of LED street light technical requirements
Dec 08, 2018

Brief description of LED street light technical requirements

The LED streetlight project is influenced by the global environment and its industry specificity. LED street light power is the most important development of LED

1. Why is the LED street light driver constant? The characteristics of LED lighting materials determine its environmental impact, such as temperature changes, LED current increases, voltage increases, and LED current increases. Long-term operation beyond the rated current will greatly shorten the life of the LED lamp. The constant current of the LED ensures that the operating current value does not change under the influence of environmental factors such as temperature and voltage.

2, LED street light power supply operating voltage The recommended operating voltage of the general LED is 3.0-3.5V, after testing, most of the work is at 3.2V, so it is reasonable to calculate according to 3.2V. N lamp beads are connected in series with the total voltage = 3.2 * N.

3, LED street light working current is most suitable, for example, LED rated current is 350 mA, and some factories used to do, designed to 350 mAh, in fact, this work is very serious under the current heat, after several times For comparison tests, designing 320 mA is ideal for trying to reduce heat and convert more energy into visible light.

4, wide voltage LED street light drive In order to make the LED street light power supply in a wide range of AC85-265V input voltage range, then the light board LED series and parallel mode is very important. As far as possible, no wide voltage can be applied. It can be divided into AC220V and AC110V as much as possible to ensure the reliability of power supply.

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