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Analysis on the feasibility of energy saving of urban Road street lighting
Mar 08, 2018

While building and developing urban road lighting and urban nightscape lighting, in order to reduce the comprehensive cost of road lighting, many cities have used the late-night measures to turn off some of the lights in the middle of the evening. This is undoubtedly necessary and feasible in the historical stage of insufficient economic conditions and technological level, however, with the development of economy and science and technology, we should use advanced technology and scientific and technological means, adjust and control the voltage of road illumination system in time, and achieve the purpose of saving the comprehensive cost of road lighting with intelligent control method (electricity and maintenance cost). , not only reduce the overall cost of urban road lighting, but also create a modern environment and economic prosperity of urban people's lives.

According to the survey, the average time of every city road lighting is 11.5 hours per day, of which, after 22 o'clock in the evening, the road to train less people sparse, even busy streets, midnight 24 o'clock to 6 o'clock in the morning, but also rare pedestrians and vehicles. There is no doubt that in the low traffic flow on the road still maintain the brightness of the original lighting, can not adjust the brightness of lighting on demand, is clearly a waste of energy and cost. From the light source, the existing street lamps are mostly used high pressure Turner Lamp, its design life is 20,000 hours (4-5 years), but due to the impact of voltage fluctuations, the actual service life is far from this number, and many areas of China's power grid fluctuations, some areas even more than 15% of the rated voltage, especially in the midnight, Due to the decrease of electric load, the power grid voltage is sometimes close to 237v-245v, resulting in the actual service life of lamp bulbs shortened greatly, generally for 1~1.5 years. The work of changing lamps and lanterns is heavy, and it is easy to have dangerous and injury accidents, resulting in high maintenance costs. Therefore, the use of energy-saving methods of late-night closure of some street lamps, neither scientific nor comprehensive. Nowadays, the most popular energy-saving methods in the world are the intelligent control technology, which is different from the general SCR chopper and the self coupling step-down technology in China at present. It fully considers the actual situation of urban road lighting, according to the visual theory of ergonomics, using the optimal control method in modern cybernetics, realizes the dynamic intelligent management of the lamp voltage and illumination.

The basic idea of this technique is: in the busy period of time, control the lighting to maintain the original design of the illumination; close to midnight, the road is less when the car is sparse, began to adjust the voltage automatically, through the intelligent control of electric voltage, reduce the whole of the night after the city's overall electricity consumption caused by the high voltage caused by a large Its control process is: by measuring the statistical law of the "time-vehicle (person)" of urban road vehicles and pedestrians, obtaining the corresponding illumination adjustment rate, the computer control program is designed, according to the illuminance adjustment rate, the lamp input voltage is adjusted smoothly from a certain moment, So that the lighting input power and the actual illuminance requirements to achieve the best match, not only save energy, but also stabilize the voltage, prolong the life of the street lamp, to achieve a dual sense of energy saving and festival fees. In Germany, the United States, these power-hungry countries, such technology has been vigorously supported by the government and promotion.

Feasibility analysis of economic benefits

For a more specific exposition of the advantages of various energy-saving lighting methods, as well as the actual economic benefits, we in Beijing's urban road, the choice has adopted a capacity of 60KVA energy-saving devices for Intelligent Lighting section, a comprehensive and realistic analysis. The total load of the road is 40KW, which is based on the annual street lighting time, averaging 11.5 hours per day. The lighting system of this section is more than 10% of the rated voltage (Electrical principle: voltage increased by 10%, power increased by 21%). The section of electricity charges for 0.6 yuan/degree, and road lighting maintenance costs are 30% of the total electricity, so only a 40KW section, the management department will pay no less than 158464 yuan lighting comprehensive costs.

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