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Analysis: Four advantages of intelligent lighting control system
Mar 08, 2018

Four benefits of intelligent lighting control system

1, the intelligent control is simpler

The use of intelligent lighting control system, so that the lighting system work in a fully automatic state, the system according to the pre-set opening, on duty, cleaning, security and other lighting mode to work, these lighting patterns will be in accordance with the pre-set time automatically switch to each other.

2, improve the management level, reduce maintenance costs

The building area of the museum is generally larger, manual maintenance cumbersome, intelligent lighting control System application, the general lighting artificial open and close to the intelligent management, so that managers can use their high-quality management awareness in the lighting control system, while greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs.

3, considerable energy-saving effect

Intelligent lighting control system using advanced power electronic technology, can control the lighting in the area of intelligent dimming, when the outdoor light is strong, indoor illumination automatically darkened, outside light is weak, indoor illumination is automatically adjusted, so that the indoor illuminance is always kept near the constant value, so that the full use of natural light to achieve energy-saving purposes. In addition, the intelligent lighting management system, such as the installation of lighting working state and other means, through intelligent automatic management to avoid the lighting area "lamp" and other phenomena, according to the use of lighting to start without the lighting scene, through the light dimming can also make the lights do not use full load, and achieve a good illuminance effect, a large savings in electricity.

4, protect the lamp, prolong the life

The protection of lamps and lanterns is actually a way of energy conservation, the fatal cause of the lamp damage is the voltage is too high, the higher the working voltage, its life is reduced exponentially. Therefore, it is an effective way to prolong the life of lamp by reducing the working voltage of the lamp properly. The United States control system can successfully restrain the power grid's impulse voltage and surge voltage, so that the lamp will not be damaged prematurely for the above reasons. And the United States Ryan used soft start and soft turn-off technology, to avoid the filament heat shock, so that the life of the lamp further extended.

The intelligent illumination system can prolong the lamp life 2~4 times, not only save a lot of lamps and lanterns, but also greatly reduce the work of replacing lamps, and effectively reduce the operating cost of the lighting system.

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